Tech City UK and UCL launch the Digital Business Academy

UCL and Tech City UK is launching the Digital Business Academy, the world’s first government-supported online learning platform to provide digital and business skills for anyone aspiring to start, grow or join a digital business. The programme is open to all UK residents and requires no pre-qualification.
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The ABC of Enterprise

16 April 2014

UCL is committed to enterprise and innovation to enrich our core academic activities and for social and economic benefit to the UK.

Enterprise touches on every aspect of the UCL mission, from the hundreds of collaborative research projects with business and industry, to the thousands of hours of training and support for students and staff and hundreds of innovative knowledge exchange projects."

Professor Stephen Caddick
Vice-Provost (Enterprise)

Demonstrating the “reach and significance” (REF 2014: Assessment Framework, July 2011) of impact in teaching and research has never been more important than it is today. It is also vital to the University’s contribution toward public engagement and business interaction.

UCL Enterprise is looking to help academics achieve this by helping them to build enterprise into their research and articulate enterprise as part of their career progression and professional development. This is relevant to both academics and their students and UCL Enterprise has a variety of resources, projects, funding and activities that can interest both groups.

We would like to come and speak to you and your academic colleagues at a departmental meeting for 30 minutes and introduce some of the main areas that UCL Enterprise covers:

  • UCL Enterprise Operations
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • UCL Advances
  • UCL Business
  • UCL Consultants

The aim of the presentation is to raise awareness, to highlight the resources we have available and to signpost you to relevant UCL Enterprise people and projects. There is much to cover, but we want to give you and your colleagues an overview of Enterprise that hopefully gives you the impetus to engage with us and find out more.

Contact us

We’re approaching UCL departments and institutes all the time, but if you’d like to schedule a time with us, just let us know ( [FAO: The ABC of Enterprise])

Further information on UCL Enterprise can be found at: or by reading the UCL Enterprise Annual Review 2012/2013.