UCL Innovation and Enterprise


Next Generation Finance Consortium Open Forum

Start: Apr 13, 2012 10:00 AM
End: Apr 13, 2012 12:00 PM

Location: UCL

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The Next Generation Finance Consortium showcase is coming to UCL on the 13th April. The whole gang including new member James Meeking CEO of Funding Circle (featured in the Financial Times ) will be here and tickets are free.

Capital Enterprise, Angel Capital, Crowd Cube, People Fund it, CDFA, and North London Community Finance, MarketInvoice and others, have come together to create the "New Generation Finance” awareness campaign, as well as the finance-ready support programme.

This will change the experience of fund raising for entrepreneurs in the UK, as it will create a holistic marketplace which provides access to all types of new and old funding sources.

 "New Generation Finance Consortium is a great initiative. Any support that startups can get in raising money is crucial for their success, and I'm excited to see the private sector supporting high growth early stage businesses in such an innovative way.

When we started lastminute.com in 1998 it was very hard to find seed investors - we were lucky to find some by serendipity, directory inquiry, mistakes and persistence.  The latter will still be necessary but NGFC can help companies find finance in a more structured way.” - Brent Hoberman, Co-Founder Lastminute.com.

Panellists include:

Anil Stocker - Co-Founder & Director, MarketInvoice
John Spindler
- CEO, Capital Enterprise
Darren Westlake
- CEO, Crowdcube
Nick Underhill
- Managing Director, KEO Digital
Jenny Tooth
- Co-Founder & Director, Angel Capital Group
Ben Hughes
- Chief Executive, Community Development Finance Association (CDFA)