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European Debt Crisis - will it go away?

Publication date: Jul 20, 2012 09:14 AM

Start: Jul 24, 2012 05:45 PM

Location: UCL Darwin Lecture Theatre, Torrington Place, WC1E 7JG London Borough of Camden

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As the second Greek Election cobbles together a coalition, some temporary relief comes to EU investors that the uncertainty of Syriza party has passed. With Spain’s sovereign spreads hovering at psychologically critical 7%, markets still demand European banking system secure access to funding for re-capitalization.

Not until at least that point, can global investors get a night’s sleep! Germany is under pressure as leaders fear fault lines of Greece, Spain or Italy could unleash contagion & subsequent flight to safety that could make Sept 15, 2008 look like a toddlers birthday party.

G2012 leaders disembark for Los Cabos Mexico and will all, no doubt, attempt to cajole Angel Merkel, a woman well aware of the potential of her domestic opposition.

We shall amass some of the smartest minds on the planet & we would like to invite you to join us, UCL FIndS, on 24 July 2012 for an extensive debate on European Debt Crisis: Contagion Risk.

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