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Development team takes shape as UCL looks to expand CPD and Short Courses portfolio

15 October 2013

In early September 2013 the CPD and Short Course Development Team began working together for the very first time.

Under the direction of Professor Andrew Eder, the team, comprising of Victoria Banks, Dominic Black and Alison Pretlove are responding to the globally changing landscape of teaching and learning under the umbrella of UCL Enterprise.

Victoria is joining the team from the Eastman Dental Institute, where she worked closely with Professor Andrew Eder, Associate Vice-Provost (Enterprise), who is driving development of the CPD and Short Course programme at UCL. Victoria’s remit is to set up and streamline internal processes which will support academics to develop and deliver courses professionally and efficiently.

Dominic has been working with UCL since 2012 managing the project that implemented the UCLeXtend e-learning platform. This project is embarking on another phase to enhance the available content and functionality.  In August 2013 Dominic joined the CPD and Short Courses Development Team to help manage project activities and the process of strategic and implementation planning.

Alison joins the team to coordinate and assist with the development of CPD activity across departments throughout the university.  Alison’s role includes looking at external markets and aligning them with UCL expertise in order to capitalize on short courses and professional development opportunities.

With a vision of "maximising UCL's global educational impact through the development of a broad range of innovative CPD and Short Courses”, the focus will be around academic and departmental activity. The team intends to remain light-touch allowing ownership to be left with the department/division but will be available should advice be needed to support new and existing ideas.

Over the next 12 months the team aims to provide a of hub information about how it can assist with the development and implementation of CPD and Short Courses as well as delivering a set of instructional toolkits for staff. A website and flyer will be disseminated to all departments detailing exactly how the team can encourage growth and success in this area across the University. UCL’s current distance learning platform UCLeXtend will also continue to develop and showcase new online courses.

“Having a support team in place is a key milestone in the transformation of this activity into an expanding and comprehensive portfolio of short courses and professional development opportunities at UCL,” said Professor Andrew Eder, Associate Vice-Provost (Enterprise). “Next steps to realise this vision include an effective branding, communications and marketing strategy as well as frameworks and processes to encourage not only discipline-specific but also cross-faculty activity.”

In the meantime should Departments require any assistance with enquiries relating to summer schools, professional development, executive education and recreational lifelong learning at UCL they are strongly encouraged to contact the team at:

Email: cpd@ucl.ac.uk

Tel. +44 (0)20 7679 9358 (internal 09358)
Tel. +44 (0)20 7679 9353 (internal 09353)