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UCL Short Courses in Entrepreneurship - Business Modelling: Starting the Start-up

Start: Mar 21, 2017 02:00 PM
End: Mar 21, 2017 05:00 PM

Business report © Christopher Hall

During this free three-hour workshop learners will be introduced to the business model canvas – a tool that enables you to succinctly describe how a business, product, service or project creates, delivers and captures value.

About the Workshop

To start a business you need a sustainable business model - No start-up can survive without one.

The business model canvas can help you put down the nine major building blocks of any business on one page. From here you can spot risks and opportunities, gaps and inefficiencies and, ultimately, better describe your business to customers, partners and investors. This can be used by those developing their business idea, or new product/service, preparing for a pitch or working to educate their sales/marketing teams on how the business works.

  • Learn about the business model canvas and its potential applications
  • Use a business example and go through each stage of the canvas
  • Complete your own business/idea on a canvas and learn from how others describe theirs.

Who should attend?

This workshop is open to all Students and Staff at UCL who either have an current business or business idea they are working on or simply want to learn more about the topic.