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Streamlining NHS spend: UCL Internship at Evalucom Consulting

14 April 2014

In a stretched NHS, value is everything. Evalucom Consulting works alongside NHS partners to support streamlined procurement, helping to ensure that every pound is well spent.


Following valued participation in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Programme and UCL Advances’ Business Mentoring Scheme, Evalucom Director Michael McHugh was confident that the internship scheme would meet his needs.

Two-way street

Michael approached UCL Advances hoping to benefit from fresh input into a project exploring homecare in London. But it wasn’t meant to be a one-way exchange, he explained, “Obviously, I was hoping to find a high-calibre intern who would get some work done. But I was also keen to find someone I could develop and challenge, to help them gain some useful experience.”

He found UCL Student David Wang (BSc Medicinal Chemistry, second year). David had been seeking an opportunity to diversify his experience, unsure whether a scientific career was right for him, “I wanted to explore other options and when I heard about the internship scheme I decided to throw myself in. I chose Evalucom because they work with the NHS, and healthcare impacts all of us.”

A vital role

The Evalucom internship demanded commitment and responsibility, “It was a challenging piece of work,” said Michael. “The project was looking at domiciliary care – care in people’s homes – and whether we could take a pan-London approach to improve quality and standardise prices.”

David’s input was fundamental to the project, and to others. David explained, “I did a lot of data analysis, using Excel to interpret and represent data. Along the way I picked up other work – in the end I had something to do with all of their projects. I created templates which will make things easier for the company going forward – kind of legacy work.”

NHS value, personal gain

Michael is delighted with the outcomes. “David did a lot of the data gathering and analysis that led to a compelling business case. And he ended up doing a lot more – he exceeded my expectations. His work is of huge value to the NHS, enabling them to monitor quality in different settings.”

David was pleased to develop so many skills. “The internship met my objective of trying out something different: it broadened my career options. It was great experience because in a small company you get to work independently and you feel like an important member of the team. There was lots of support and I learnt a great deal about Excel. By the nature of the project, contact with stakeholders was key, so I trained up my communication skills too.”