Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Sustainable Connected Cities - Annual Report 2012 - 2013

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The Intel partnership is a successful triple-helix partnership, with high-level academic, corporate and government commitment.  Following an initial signing at Downing Street in January 2012,  UCL, Imperial College London and Intel launched the Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Sustainable Connected Cities in May 2012.

The May launch of the centre was unveiled at an event in 10 Downing Street, presided over by Chancellor George Osborne, which brought together key decision makers and influencers from academia, industry and government.

The new London-based institute is Intel’s first research centre and global hub dedicated to exploring how technology can support and sustain the social and economic development of cities worldwide. It aims to address the social, economic, and environmental challenges of city life with computing technology, helping to provide practical solutions to problems ranging from droughts and long commute times to wasteful use of energy. Using London as a test bed, researchers are exploring technologies to make cities more aware by harnessing real-time user and city infrastructure data.

As a result of the partnership, UCL has been invited to participate in high-value annual Intel programmes, which provide academics with support in early career development; and help high-performing students to reach their potential.

Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Sustainable Connected Cities

ICRI Cities has completed its first year, with several collaborative projects now finished, with additional projects still ongoing across London. An annual report was delivered to the Board of Advisors meeting in March 2014. The ICRI Cities Annual Review 2012 - 2013 is now available to view here.

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