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2014 UCL Social Enterprise Project of the Year Award

Prof Stephen Caddick, UCL and Mapping for Change (UCL Social Enterprise Project of the Year Award winner)

This award recognises a project recently established by staff or students in UCL, that demonstrates the positive application of entrepreneurial skills and attitude for social benefit rather than profit alone.

The 2013 UCL Social Enterprise Project of the Year Award was given to Mapping for Change.

Mapping for Change is one of the first successful social enterprises developed from the research and community development, public engagement projects conducted at UCL. Its vision is to promote a future in which communities are empowered, sustainable and resilient. People involved can make a difference to their local area through the use of mapping and the applications of geographical information. They offer participatory mapping services to voluntary & community organisations, business organisation or government bodies.

Mapping for Change has not only demonstrated an innovative model of social enterprise but also a brilliant example of citizen science - science is by the people and for the people. More importantly, by sharing their experiences and knowledge, Mapping for Change has inspired and helped many UCL members of staff and students and people outside UCL to take on the challenges and opportunities of social enterprise as an important way to contribute to wider society.