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2014 UCL Enterprise Partner Award

The 2014 UCL Enterprise Partner Award is presented to an organisation or business demonstrating key contributions to the advancement of UCL research and entrepreneurship.

UCL has a long tradition of corporate partnerships that have helped the university to develop its facilities, teaching and research programmes. As UCL continues to grow and develop, such partnerships are of increasing importance. They are a critical source of income but they also bring capabilities and expertise that money cannot buy. It is vital for UCL to recognise the value of these new relationships and to encourage them wherever possible.

The UCL Enterprise Partner of the Year Award was conceived to do just so, by honouring partnerships that have provided value to all parties involved – the UCL institution itself, students and the corporate partner.

In 2013 the UCL Enterprise Partner Award was awarded to two organisations:

UCL Small and Medium Enterprise Partner of the Year Awards 2013 was awarded to HCP Social Infrastructure (UK) Ltd

Caoimhe Buckley, Head of Public Affairs, Europe and Paul Francis, COO, HCP Social Infrastructure (UK) Ltd (UCL Small and Medium Enterprise Award winner)

HCP Infrastructure has been instrumental in driving forward Facility Management Enterprise research at UCL for many years.They are an SME working in healthcare and education infrastructure but the reach of their organisational supply chain is widespread. Through the company itself and its partner organisations HCP have been responsible for several commercial studentships, Engineering Doctorates and two Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

In addition to this they have provided guest lectures, acted as ambassadors for UCL with overseas guests and have spoken at the “Bartlett Means Business” event, to promote enterprise generally within the Faculty.

UCL Corporate Enterprise Partner of the Year Award 2013 was awarded to Cisco.

Caoimhe Buckley, Head of Public Affairs, Europe and Rod Halstead, Managing Director, Public Sector, Cisco UK (UCL Corporate Enterprise Partner of the Year Award winner)

Cisco was recognised for the length – and breadth – of their relationship with UCL. It’s origins lie with Prof Peter Kirstein in Computer Science over 30 years ago and that commitment is reflected today by the efforts of Prof Anthony Finkelstein, Dean of Engineering.

In 2012, Cisco launched an International Internship Programme at UCL, with high level executive support from within the company, which gives an incredible fully funded opportunity to 5 undergraduate students from UCL Engineering each year. The students spend a year working at the company's Headquarters in San Jose, California. 

Our first five students impressed and this year and next year they wish to take 20!   UCL and Cisco have an increasingly close corporate partnership, developing the innovative 'Future Cities Centre' with Imperial College and discussing a range of research collaborations. And there have been further developments.

IDEA-London, an innovation 'hot-house' established by UCL, Cisco and DC Thomson, and announced by the Prime Minister last year. This will be a physical base in the TechCity area of London that will house and support a variety of new technology companies connected to UCL’s research and the partners’ business activities.