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2013 UCL Social Enterprise Project of the Year Award

This award recognises a project recently established by staff or students in UCL, that demonstrates the positive application of entrepreneurial skills and attitude for social benefit rather than profit alone.

The 2012 UCL Social Enterprise Project of the Year Award was given to Heritage Without Borders.

Social Enterprise

Heritage Without Borders is a unique social enterprise working in developing countries to build capacity in heritage skills; support heritage projects in situations of poverty, and following conflict and disaster; and provide valuable work experience for students and professionals in the heritage sector.

are transforming the role of archaeological conservation training in developing countries. Their proactive approach to capacity building, with strong ethical concerns, has provided a platform for exciting collaborations; most recently in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Turkmenistan. They have harnessed the enthusiasm of professional conservators across the UK and channeled this into programmes to build the intellectual and technical skills needed in the protection and utilisation of cultural resources. This initiative has given UCL a leading role in the field and has already attracted significant financial support from a wide range of donors. Heritage Without Borders have started to work in earnest this year, delivering their first project and demonstrating their services.