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2013 UCL Enterprise Partner Award

The 2013 UCL Enterprise Partner Award is presented to an organisation or business demonstrating key contributions to the advancement of UCL research and entrepreneurship.

BHP Billiton

UCL has a long tradition of corporate partnerships that have helped the university to develop its facilities, teaching and research programmes. As UCL continues to grow and develop, such partnerships are of increasing importance. They are a critical source of income but they also bring capabilities and expertise that money cannot buy. It is vital for UCL to recognise the value of these new relationships and to encourage them wherever possible.

The UCL Enterprise Partner of the Year Award was conceived to do just so, by honouring partnerships that have provided value to all parties involved – the UCL institution itself, students and the corporate partner.

In 2012 the UCL Enterprise Partner Award was awarded to two organisations:

UCL Small and Medium Enterprise Partner of the Year Awards 2012 was awarded to TAP Biosystems

Tap Biosystems

TAP Biosystems are working with UCL to jointly develop a product called Real Architecture for 3D Tissues or RAFT. This is a genuine partnership where joint IP has been generated from four successful TSB awards totaling £3.5M. Know how has been generated and disseminated both nationally and internationally, promoting the value of UCL research and the close collaboration has earned innovation awards and promoted new collaborations with other UCL researchers. TAP Biosystems’ supportive, knowledgeable and collaborative approach represents industry-academic partnering at its best.

UCL Corporate Enterprise Partner of the Year Award 2012 was awarded to BHP Billiton.

BHP Billiton

UCL's partnership with BHP Billiton, driven by three Vice Provosts from Research, Enterprise and International, is, arguably, our most significant corporate partnership to date. BHP Billiton is the world's largest mining and resources company, with more than 100 operations in over 25 countries. This dual-hemisphere $US 10 million partnership, signed in June 2011, has established UCL’s Institute for Sustainable Resources in London and our International Energy Policy Institute in Adelaide, Australia.

The two new institutes will drive research into the complex economic, legal, environmental, technological and cultural issues faced by the resources sector and provide a framework within which expertise from the northern and southern hemispheres can be shared and innovative responses developed.