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2013 London Entrepreneurs’ Challenge Awards

Now in its 11th year, the ‘London Entrepreneurs’ Challenge (E-Challenge) is a workshop programme and business plan competition that aims to show participants the process of starting a business by helping them do it for themselves.

London Entrepreneurs’ Challenge Awards

The E-Challenge is open to all members of UCL, SOAS, Royal Veterinary College, Birkbeck, the School of Pharmacy, and the London Business School.

Since its inception, the competition has seen some 3000 participants. The primary aim of the E-Challenge has always been to educate and offer a chance to learn in a supportive environment however the programme has generated real new businesses every year, led by the winners.

Past winners have gone on to succeed in other business competitions and have been written about in The Times and featured on TV and radio.

The competition is formed through a programme of events designed to enhance UCL’s reputation for entrepreneurship and science commercialisation and build deeper relationships between UCL and London Business School, Royal Veterinary College and Birbeck. As such, anyone at these four institutions can enter.

Prizes total £26,000 with participants also being awarded the knowledge put forth through the various workshops, as well as the invaluable networking opportunities afforded through the programme.

The E-challenge is organised by UCL Advances. The centre for entrepreneurship at UCL, UCL Advances, offers training, networking and business support for staff, students and external entrepreneurs to encourage and enable new enterprises to get going. Unique in the UK Higher Education sector, its primary role is to promote a culture of entrepreneurship on campus and engagement with entrepreneurs and small businesses beyond UCL's boundaries, and currently delivers over 30 activity programmes.