Dr Beci Carver

Email: b.dobbin@ucl.ac.uk
External phone: 0207 679 1317
Internal phone: 31317
Office: Foster Court Room 213

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Education and Experience 

Beci Carver was educated at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. She got her first job in 2008 as a Junior Research Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge, and when her term came to an end in 2012, she joined UCL as a teaching fellow. In 2013, she started a a three year Early Career Leverhulme fellowship at UCL.

Research Interests

Beci works on modernist literature and its interaction with popular culture and philosophy. She is currently writing a book on the idea of shallowness in modernist literature.


Granular Modernism (Oxford University Press, 2014)

Granular Modernism        

Articles and Chapters in Books

‘Nabokov as a Trinity Man’, Nabokov in Context, ed. Siggy Frank and David Bethea, forthcoming.

‘What Women Want: The Modernist Kimono’, Modernism/Modernity, forthcoming in April 2015.

‘Nabokov and Colour Photography’, Essays in Criticism, October 2014.

‘An elf wearing a hat that makes him invisible’: Modernism’s Shy Irony, Textual Practice, January 2014.

‘Orwell’s Squeamishness’, Orwell Today, ed. Richard Keeble, 2014.

‘The Queer Part Doors Play’ in Nabokov’s Laughter in the Dark’, Thinking on Thresholds, ed. Subha Mukherji, 2012.

‘Another Fine Mess’: Clownish Modernist Encounters with the Labour Saving Device’, Critical Quarterly, 2009.

‘London as a Waste of Space in TS Eliot’s The Waste Land’, Critical Quarterly, 2007.

Reviews and Blogs

Haptic Modernism by Abbie Garrington’, Critical Quarterly, forthcoming

‘Susan Kiguli’, blog.fitz.cam.ac.uk January 2015.

Haptic Modernism by Abbie Garrington’, Critical Quarterly, January 2015.

‘Technological Object: Coin-Operated Machine’, Literature Technology Media blog, January 2014.

The Poetics of Psychoanalysis by Mary Jacobus’, Gramma, 2006.