Critical Commentary and Analysis


Course Convenor:  Dr. Scarlett Baron

(This course is not available to Modern Language Plus students)

This short revision course, which usually runs in the second half of the Spring Term, aims to offer third-year students the opportunity to practise their critical skills in preparation for the exam which most will be sitting at the end of their final year. Students will be reacquainted with a range of issues and approaches pertaining to the close reading of literature, and have occasion to hone their critical and technical skills.

Seminars led by different tutors will invite responses to passages in prose, poetry, and drama spanning a variety of periods. Lectures will provide an overview of productive approaches to unseen texts.

By the end of the course, students will have developed greater skill and confidence in their ability to analyse passages in detail and to organize their observations into orderly and effective critical essays.

Examination is by means of a six-hour paper, calling for comment on passages of prose, poetry, or drama, taken from any period of writing in English.