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An event, whether expected or unexpected, that disrupts the normal course of business operations for a short length of time and which will be dealt with by operational management. Standard UCL and Departmental procedures will apply.

The department heads will manage the response as a business as usual problem, possibly using functional recovery plans.

Serious Incident

An event that causes serious disruption to business operations including those involving major injury or serious illness and which requires a focused effort and diversion of resources from within the functional area or from another functional area.

The response will be managed by the Incident Response Team of the Department or Division.

Major Incident

A major incident, which would involve UCL's Major Incident Team, would be an unexpected event, or series of events, which significantly affects UCL's students, staff or operations and where normal management arrangements are unlikely to be sufficient. The event may have resulted in multiple major injuries or death and it will or could have a fundamental impact on UCL's reputation, personnel, operating or research capability through financial consequences or serious regulatory breach. A major incident will require an immediate response.

The Major Incident Team (MIT) will manage the response.