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Word and Image Exhibition

The UCL Art Museum exhibition accompanying our Launch Conference showcases early modern art works from our collections and highlights early printed books from UCL Special Collections. It is running until 16th December and is open from 1 - 5pm, Monday to Friday. There are also a series of events taking place based around the exhibition, for more information see What's On.

The exhibition is divided into five sections. Click on the links below to review the objects and books on display.

The early modern period (c.1450-1800) was characterised by innovation in the arts, religion, social organisation, and politics. Many of these changes came about through various forms of cultural exchange, including travel, trade, the transmission of ideas, and encounters with the unfamiliar or unknown. Translation was crucial, both in the sense of conversion of a text from one language to another, and in the broader sense of transformation and appropriation. Key ideas and motifs were transported not only across borders, but also between media, as developments in print technology enabled new kinds of interaction between word and image. This is particularly evident in works featured in this exhibition, such as the Nuremberg Chronicle and Albrecht Dürer’s illustrations for The Apocalypse.

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Word & Image is a collaboration between UCL Centre for Early Modern Exchanges, UCL Art Museum and UCL Special Collections. The exhibition has been curated by Andrea Fredericksen, Helen Hackett, Alexander Samson and Susan Stead.

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