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Refereed Articles

Atkinson, C., Dunsmuir, S., Lang, J. & Wright, S. (2015). Developing a competency framework for the initial training of educational psychologists working with young people aged 16-25. Educational Psychology in Practice, 31 (2) 159-173. doi: 10.1080/02667363.2015.1004038

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Hill, E L., Jones, A. P., Lang, J., Yarker, J. & Patterson, A. (2014). Employment experiences of parents of children with ASD or ADHD: An exploratory study. International Journal of Developmental Disabilities, pp. 1-13.

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Dunsmuir, S, Frederickson, N. & Lang, J. (2004). Building home-school trust. Educational and Child Psychology, 21, (4), 110-128.

Other publications

Commissioned Reports

Dunsmuir, S., Lang, J. & Frederickson, N. (2011). Bradford TaMHS Evaluation Report. Bradford Council

Dunsmuir, S., Lang, J. & Frederickson, N. (2011). Harrow TaMHS Evaluation Report. Harrow Council.

Dunsmuir, S., Lang, J. & Frederickson, N. (2011). Milton Keynes TaMHS Evaluation Report. Milton Keynes Council.

Jones, A., Lang, J. & Frederickson, N. (2010). Westfield Project: Lets Get Smart. Interim Report. 38pp. Buckinghamshire County Council.

Booker, R., Frederickson, N., & Lang, J. (2009). Local Delivery: Lessons Learned Review. 68pp. Buckinghamshire County Council

Frederickson, N., Jones, A., & Lang, J. (2008). ASD Project Report and Technical Annex. 79pp Buckinghamshire County Council.

Frederickson, N. & Lang, J. (2004). Counselling Provision in Harrow Schools. 65pp. Unpublished report, Harrow Children Services Department.

Frederickson, N., Lang, J., & Cameron, S. (2004). Inclusion Team Project, 2003: External Evaluation Report. 54pp. Unpublished report, Buckinghamshire County Council.

Frederickson, N., & Lang, J. (2003). Mainstream Advice & Resource Service. External Evaluation Report. 55pp. Unpublished report, Kent County Council.

Frederickson, N., Lang, J., & Dunsmuir, S. (2002). Kent Inclusion Project. External Evaluation Report. 25pp. Unpublished report, Kent County Council.

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