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DEdPsy 2013 Course Satisfaction Evaluation

Each year we conduct an anonymous 360 degree feedback questionnaire of our programme to allow our course members to give us their honest views of the course and allow us to tailor it to their needs as fully as possible. The following feedback was received from our course members in 2013

Ratings key: 1. = not at all satisfied (low rating) 5 = highly satisfied (high rating).
Total responses received: 38

1. Course member satisfaction with course content (Average satisfaction rating: 4.53/5 = 90.5%)

course content feedback 2013

2. Course member satisfaction with support from their group (Average satisfaction rating: 4.18/5 = 83.7%)

group support feedback 2013

3. Course member satisfaction with tutor support (Average satisfaction rating: 4.74/5 = 95%)

tutor support feedback 2013

4. Course relevance to course members' personal and professional development needs (Average satisfaction rating: 4.71/5 = 94.2%)

relevance to personal and professional needs feedback 2013

5. Course relevance to course members' work as educational psychologists (Average satisfaction rating: 4.58/5 = 91.6%)

relevance to EP work feedback 2013

6. Course relevance to course members' services (Average satisfaction rating: 4.26/5 = 85.3%)

relevance to needs of Service feedback 2013

7. Some particular assets of the course cited by 2013 course members are:

 "High level of expertise among staff. Very supportive tutor who encourages me when the going is tough."
 "Very well organised. All course content was relevant to both my practice and my studies - never once did I feel I was being asked or expected to do anything that was a waste of time."
 "Interesting topics on workshops. Excellent quality of teaching. Responsive and reflective tutor support"
 "Leading Edge Days and workshops - really stimulating and opportunity for great discussion with colleagues from different areas. Access to resources/journals. Online stats course."
 "Accessibility of tutors and flexibility of working through the programme. Detailed written feedback."
 "The opportunity to explore an area of interest and interact with EPs from other services."

8. Some personal improvement suggestions for the course cited by 2013 course members are:

 "I can't think of anything that would be easy to implement but it would be useful to revisit some of the teaching elements later in the course when we know what we are doing - as happened with the Epistemology sessions"
 "Even more opportunities to share good practice."
 "Set up a 'research clinic' for people who have finished the course but are keen to keep a strong research focus in their work."
 "Provide a session on project management to support course members to carefully plan how they will achieve the course requirements."

9. Some positives/advantages of doing the CPD doctorate identified by 2013 course members are:

 "You learn many things along the way that you would not otherwise learn. Your practice as a psychologist can improve. You think differently."
 "Excellent access to training and topics relevant to EP practice - first rate speakers at CPD events. Increased knowledge base that then transfers directly to practice."
 "It provides a structured way to keep in touch with current trends and to update and more importantly a chance to reflect. I'd say to do it!"
 "Skill development. Enhanced research skills. A great change from usual work. New friends and contacts"
 "Gets you back at the heart of psychology. Very enjoyable and highly motivating especially after visits to UCL. Acces to variety of staff members and to previous theses is very helpful."
 "Incredibly worthwhile and stimulating. It has made me feel more like a 'real' Psychologist!"

10. Some negatives/disadvantages of doing the CPD doctorate identified by 2013 course members are:

 "It takes time, energy and personal commitment (not necessarily a disadvantage). It can be very challenging."
 "You need to be ruthless about time management and managing LA work/home demands"
 "The distance to travel but that's my choice."
 "You need to really make time to complete the course and make a good job of it."

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