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DEdPsy 2015 Course Satisfaction Evaluation

Each year we conduct an anonymous 360 degree feedback questionnaire of our programme to allow our course members to give us their honest views of the course and allow us to tailor it to their needs as fully as possible. The following feedback was received from our course members in 2015

Ratings key: 1. = not at all satisfied (low rating) 5 = highly satisfied (high rating).
Total responses received: 42

1. Course member satisfaction with course content (Average satisfaction rating: 4.4/5 = 88%)

course content 2015

2. Course member satisfaction with support from their group (Average satisfaction rating: 4.3/5 = 86%)

support from group 2015

3. Course member satisfaction with tutor support (Average satisfaction rating: 4.6/5 = 92%)

tutor support feedback 2015

4. Course relevance to course members' personal and professional development needs (Average satisfaction rating: 4.6/5 = 92%)

personal and pd needs feedback 2015

5. Course relevance to course members' work as educational psychologists (Average satisfaction rating: 4.4/5 = 88%)

relevance to EP work feedback 2015

6. Course relevance to course members' services (Average satisfaction rating: 3.8/5 = 76%)

relevance to needs of Service feedback 2015

7. Some particular assets of the course cited by 2015 course members are:

 "This course offers just the opportunity I was looking for to think, reflect, absorb and develop my thinking. It gives me the space and focus to learn and grow. I love it."
 "Tutors are approachable, knowledgeable and understanding of the needs of doing a part-time CPD doctorate. It is valuable to be able to immerse oneself in a particular area (one that is relevant to my work, at work). Good coverage of a range of different themes."
 "Challenges the way I think."
 "An opportunity to immerse myself in studying."
 "High level of moral and academic support, tutors all working together as a team. A wide-ranging and deep-reaching course that is a great apprenticeship in research."

8. Some personal improvement suggestions for the course cited by 2015 course members are:

 "I would suggest some collaborative tasks between course members - there is such a richness that could be shared when working together, especially with others from different localities."
 "I've rather lost touch with my cohort now that I've gone over 4 years. Is there a way to facilitate keeping in touch?"
 "I wouldn't change anything."
 "More opportunities for online contact with other group members."

9. Some positives/advantages of doing the CPD doctorate identified by 2015 course members are:

 "Developing personal and professional skills.  Opportunities to explore topics in more depth which contrasts with a work context that feels to value speed rather than exploration and investigation."
 "I am actively promoting this course for colleagues who are at that point in their career where they feel stuck or under developed through the EP Service. I suggest that this course offered a well structured opportunity to engage in high level thinking and learning that is both extending and affirming of existing knowledge."
 "Confidence and skills in reviewing literature critically. I have become much more reflective and critical of my own work and that of others."
 "Learning to think critically through PPA literature reviews. Learning to think more logically. Course camaraderie. Understanding from my tutor about the other demands on my time. Access to online journals. Chance through PPAs to think more deeply about specific issues. Brilliant support from administrative staff."

10. Some negatives/disadvantages of doing the CPD doctorate identified by 2015 course members are:

 "Time management and additional points of stress in an already busy life!"
 "Hard to combine with working full time."
 "The only difficulties are financial and time based. I do need a long day each week to work on the course to keep up. Not having agreed study or CPD days from work, I have to swap days and use leave which is very exhausting and frustrating at times."

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