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Since 2012, theses have been available electronically via our secure virtual learning environment but can no longer be accessed on this website. However thesis topics for our 13-16 graduates are listed below:

Surname First name Cohort Thesis title
Atkins Tracey 2013-16 How does a group-based Autogenic Training intervention affect levels of anxiety in adolescents in mainstream schools?
Collingwood Nikki 2013-16 "Thinking Your Problems Away": Examining the impact of a multidimensional affective and meta-cognitive maths intervention on primary school pupils.
Daya Suriya 2013-16 The Unheard Voices of Black Caribbean Boys on Education
Grant Polly 2013-2016 Factors Influencing Teachers’ Implementation of Child Initiated Play in Reception Classes: an Application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour
Hamilton Pamela 2013-2016 No More NEET: Finding the Factors that Lead to Succesful Progression of 14 to 16 Year Old Students in Alternative Provisions
Jalali Rheanne 2013-2016 "They Won't Let Me Back": The Perceptions of Students with SEBD Across Primary and Secondary Alternative Provision
Levy Jemma 2013-2016 Lego Therapy – Building Social Skills for Adolescents with an Autism Spectrum Disorder
Loke Lacretia 2013-2016 Using a CBT Approach to teach Social Skills to Adolescents with High-Functioning Autism: Evaluating Changes through a Multiple Baseline Design
McDonald Izzy 2013-2016 Same Sex Same Difference? : The Experiences of Same-Sex Families in Schools
Miranda Abigail 2013-2016 A Literacy Intervention for Young Offenders and Subsequent Changes in Resilience: A Case-Series
O' Connor Kim 2013-2016 Beneath the Surface: How Effective are Targeted Interventions for Behaviour and Communication Difficulties?
Phipps Amy 2013-2016 Mindfulness in Schools: Exploring the Impact on Internalising Difficulties, the Role of Home Practice and the Mechanisms of Psychological Change
Standen Rachel 2013-2016 Childhood Epilepsy and A Study into the Factors Affecting School Inclusion
Southworth Cara 2013-2016 Neuroscience and Educational Psychology – Exploring Views

You can view a selection of thesis posters produced by our graduates below (click on the links to enlarge):

Motivational Interviewing: effectiveness in promoting protective factors with young offenders
Dr Roberto Blasco-Alcala


The Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities Parenting Programme: Its impact upon parental competence, factors contributing to stress, children's behaviour, self-esteem and reading self-concept
Dr Gemma Castleman


An evaluation of a short-term, cognitive-behavioural intervention for primary age children with anger-related difficulties
Dr Rachel Cole


Evaluation of a group intervention to enhance the social competence of adolescents with Asperger syndrome or high functioning autism
Dr Carol Hall


Bullying: The Effectiveness of a Direct Emotional Literacy Intervention in the Primary Phase
Dr Clare Knowler


The Effectiveness of Social Stories with Visual Cues for the Successful Social Inclusion of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in Primary Schools
Dr Sonia Shah


The Effectiveness of Method of Shared Concern in Tackling Bullying
Dr Jennifer Singleton


Anger management related needs of pupils in key stage 3: Effectiveness of group CBT intervention
Dr Rebecca Williamson



An Exploration of Teacher Constructs Through a Rational-Emotive Behaviour Therapy Framework
Dr Caroline Robertson

Social cognition and resilience:
A study of the role of cognitive attributional style in the transition to secondary school

Dr Jennifer Wills



Does providing descriptive and/or explanatory information affect peer attitudes and behaviour intentions towards children with High Functioning Autism?
Dr Ciara Close

ciara close thesis poster

Pupils' Causal Attributions for School Exclusion
Dr Louise Field

louise field thesis poster

Using the theory of Planned Behaviour to explore the social inclusion of children with ASD in mainstream primary schools
Dr Sara Freitag

Sara Freitag Thesis Poster

The Cognitive and Psychological School Engagement of Young Offenders
Dr Kate Hambleton

kate hambleton thesis poster

An Unwanted Gift? The Social Acceptability of being Gifted and Talented - Differences between Genders and across Ages
Dr Timothy Jones

Timothy Jones thesis poster

Hard to reach?What factors impact service use among 'hard to reach' familiesand how can these be used to support early intervention?
Dr Julia Parsonson

julia parsonson thesis poster

An Investigation of Trait Emotional Intelligence and Theory of Mind in Schoolchildren with ADHD
Dr Joe Wilson

joe wilson thesis poster

Emotions and learning: investigating the oral narrative skills of Looked After Children (LAC)
Dr Sarah Woods

Sarah Woods thesis poster

Not just a reading difficulty: social, emotional and behavioural outcomes of children with dyslexia
Dr Vivien Yang

Vivien Yang thesis poster

The differential impact of teachers and teaching assistants (TAs) on academic progress: What role does autonomy support play?
Dr Marcus Bennett

marcus bennett thesis poster

Resilience, stress and perceptions of school based support of young people managing diabetes in school
Dr Leanna Lopez

leanna lopez thesis poster


The use of technical terms in exemplar EP reports and factors affecting trainee teachers' and Newly Qualified Teachers' (NQTs') access of the language used
Dr Alicia Crane

alicia crane thesis poster

What factors influence teachers' acceptance of evidence-based interventions?
Dr Meadbh Ni Fhoighil

meadbh ni fhoighil thesis poster

Labels of SEN: The perceptions and experiences of young people with a Behavioural, Emotional & Social Difficulty
Dr Emma Sheffield

emma sheffield thesis poster

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