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Evidence Based Practice Review Reports

This page provides a link to reviews of school based interventions. They were written by UCL Year 1 Trainee Educational Psychologists and submitted as a formally assessed piece of coursework on the Doctorate in Educational and Psychology. The trainees in each cohort collaborated in selecting different interventions so that they could also produce a resource of value both to their group and to Educational Psychology Services.

One set of reports is currently available:

• School Based Interventions for Emotional and Behavioural Development. This set was produced by the 2012-15 cohort of trainees.

Each report is structured as follows:

1. Summary - provides a brief description of the intervention and the conclusions of the review.
2. Introduction - describes the intervention, its basis in theory/research and how it is currently used.
3. Systematic Review of the Evidence Base - reports and critically analyses available studies that have attempted to evaluate the intervention.
4. Conclusions and recommendations.
5. References.

Author Title of report and link to downloadable pdf file
Mehmet Agdiran Is The Second Step Curriculum Effective In Promoting Social Development Of School Aged Children?
William Bulman Mind - the gap? Have universal group-based mindfulness programmes in schools improved affective outcomes of participants?
Alicia Crane Are Social Stories an effective social, emotional, behavioural intervention for children without ASD or related difficulties?
Olenka Dean How effective is Zippy's Friends for developing the coping skills of young children?
Emily George Targeting the ‘E’ in BESD: What is the impact of small group and individual interventions on the Emotional Literacy of children in primary and secondary school?
Paul Killerby Is there quantitative evidence that school-based adult mentoring can improve the behaviour of pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties?
Fowzia Mahamed The Effectiveness of Solution Focused Brief Therapy for academic and behavioural needs for children and adolescents in a school or referred by school system? [to be added]
Meadbh Ni Fhoighil How effective is the Universal behaviour vaccine ‘Good Behaviour Game’ at reducing negative externalising or internalising behaviours
Brigid O' Leary What are the effects of curriculum based social skills interventions on pre-school children?
Ruth Rogers Is Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS) an effective primary school curriculum with regard to emotional and behavioural outcomes?
Emma Sheffield How effective is school or college-based Motivational Interviewing at reducing risky adolescent behaviours?
Bisi Showunmi What is the effectiveness of peer-tutoring programs on improving the classroom, social and affective behaviours of pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties?
David Smalley Does the FRIENDS for Life cognitive-behavioural therapy programme effectively reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression in primary school children at a universal preventative level?
Aimee White Are nurture groups effective interventions for improving the social and emotional functioning of participating pupils in UK primary schools?

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