ECON3021 - Urban Economics

Term 1


This course aims to demonstrate and explain how economists use economic models to study cities and their development.

We will study the incorporation of space into economic models and how these models are used to analyse cities. We will apply economic methodology to policy-relevant issues such as housing, land-use, sprawl, segregation, crime and education.
In terms of methodology, the course will focus on solving models, interpreting those models and gaining an understanding of how to critically assess such models.
See the lecture notes from Spring 2013 (available on Moodle) to give you a rough idea of the content of the course.

Taught by:
Bryony Reich

10 two-hour lectures, supplemented by 8 compulsory tutorial classes with problem sets. 2-hour unseen written examination in Term 3. 

Affiliate students leaving in December will take a 2-hour written examination set up by the Department at the end of Term 1.

Suitable for:
Final year Economics (L100 & L101), Econ/Geog (LL17) & Phil/Econ (VL51) students.
Prerequisites: ECON 2001: Microeconomics.
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