ECON3015 - Economics of Growth

Term 2


The aim of this module is to study the determinants of economic growth, as well as explanations for the current wide disparity of income levels across countries.


At the end of their study students will:

  • have knowledge of basic theories of growth
  • have noted actual patterns of growth in advanced economies
  • be aware of the problems of testing growth theory predictions against data

Taught by:
Dunli Li
Assessment: The course comprises 20 hours of lectures and 4 compulsory tutorial classes with accompanying exercises. There will be a 2-hour unseen written examination in Term 3. 
Suitable for:
Final year Economics (L100 & L101) students. Also available to 3rd year Econ/Geog (LL17) & Phil/Econ (VL51) students; and Econ/Stats (LG13) & Math/Econ
(G1L1/G1LC) students.
Prerequisites: Students must have taken ECON2001 and ECON2004 or ECON2601.
Maximum module enrolments: 75
Module Evaluation (Previous year): ECON3015
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