Explore Econ and Economics Skills Lab


The aim of this not-for-credit optional course is to provide students with the opportunity to develop core skills required to do well in the degree, to be well prepared to participate in the Department’s undergraduate conference Explore Econ and perhaps most importantly to work as a professional after graduation. The course complements modules in the curriculum by providing further opportunity to consider and practice the skills peculiar to economics.

Learning objectives

After completing the course students should be able to:

  1. Read different types of economic writing effectively and efficiently
  2. Take notes, in lectures and tutorials and when reading, that enhance the student’s understanding of the material being considered
  3. Find, analyse and explain different types of data using a mix of software including Excel and Stata and use mathematical software such as Mathematica to explore and explain economic concepts and ideas
  4. Write readable, interesting and well-evidenced economics pieces, of a variety of lengths
  5. Present their ideas clearly in oral presentations
  6. Confidently work with others in small and large group discussions
Taught by:
Parama Chaudhury, Cloda Jenkins, Christian Spielmann and Frank Witte
Course overview:

The course is broken down into different topics, as shown below, and incorporates a mix of online teaching, independent work, face-to-face workshops and opportunities for students to share their ideas in discussion forums. A number of ‘how to’ guides are also provided online. The topics that we cover include:

  1. Reading and note-taking
  2. Data exploration and analysis
  3. Economics writing
  4. Mathematical programming
  5. Presentations

Further details on each area can be found on the course Moodle page. 

Suitable for:
This course has been designed for 2nd year and final year students taking some or all of their degree with the Economics Department at UCL. It is not open to students from outside the Department.
Registering for this course: You must select this option in Portico at the same time as choosing your other module options at the start of the academic year. If you decide during the year that you want to participate in some workshops, but not enroll for the course to appear on your transcript, please email Dr Cloda Jenkins.
Maximum module enrolments: 50
Moodle page: