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"I found UCL is a leading, intellectually innovative university, full of opportunities to expand my academic interest" - Seohyun Lee
Economics MPhil/PhD.

Contact information

Academic Staff: Office hours (and e-mail addresses) are displayed on the Departmental Website

Reception: The reception is open Monday to Friday from 9:00-1:00 and 2:00-:4:45. Telephone: 020 7679 5888, e-mail: economics.reception@ucl.ac.uk

The MRes/MPhil/ PhD Programme Director: Professor Eric French,  telephone 0207 679 4883 (ext.24883, e-mail: e.french@ucl.ac.uk

The Graduate Tutor: Professor Ian Preston, telephone 020 7679 5853, e-mail: i.preston@ucl.ac.uk

The Graduate Programme Administrator: Daniella Harper, telephone 020 7679 5861, e-mail: daniella.harper@ucl.ac.uk

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