Rani Spiegler elected Fellow of the Econometric Society

The Econometric Society has announced the election of 14 Fellows of the Society. Ran Spiegler is one of the 14 elected. The list also includes Simon Lee, a former UCL professor and frequent visitor to the Department.

Christian Dustmann presents new CReAM research on UK immigration

Recent CReAM research conducted by Christian Dustmann and Tommaso Frattini has revealed that European immigrants to the UK contribute more in taxes than they receive in benefits. This research has generated a huge amount of interest in the media with Christian Dustmann appearing on BBC News, BBC Radio 4's Today programme and BBC 5 Live as well as coverage in the Financial Times, Guardian. More...

Imran Rasul & Vittorio Bassi awarded Phase III GLM|LIC grant

Imran Rasul and Vittorio Bassi were recently awarded one of the Phase III GLM|LIC research grants. GLM|LIC ia a joint initiative between DFID and IZA to promote research on labor markets in developing countries. The project will be run together with their partner NGO BRAC Uganda. The total project budget is EUR 191,000 (or approx GBP 150,000).

The project title is Asymmetric Information on the Skills of Workers and Matching in the Labor Market: Evidence from Uganda.

Wendy Carlin leads introduction of new Economics syllabus

A new Economics curriculum will be introduced this year at UCL and other institutions across London, Paris, New York, Boston, Budapest, Sydney and Bangalore. The new syllabus is part of the CORE project, directed by Wendy Carlin. Please see the article in the Financial Times for more details.

New staff joining in 2014-15

In addition to our two new lecturers, Konrad Mierendorff and Suphanit Piyapromdee (who will both start at the end of the summer) the Department is pleased to announce that Professor Victor Rios-Rull, the Carlson Chair of Economics at the University of Minnesota, will also join us as a visiting professor during September 2014 – March 2015.

With these appointments and promotions, the Department has cemented its position as a world-leading Economics institution.

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