Explore Econ

11 March 2015

Explore Econ conference

Organisers: Cloda Jenkins, Parama Chaudhury, Christian Spielmann & Frank Witte


Sponsored by UCL Economics


Location: UCL Events Marquee, The Quad


Calling all undergraduate economics students at UCL.  This is your opportunity to explore an economics question that interests you and present your ideas to your peers. Your paper, if accepted, would be published on the conference website and our judging panel may even award you a prize. The formal conference will conclude with a speech by John Kay.

Time Session Location
Registration and coffee
North Cloisters
Welcome address by Prof Orazio Attanasio

Events Marquee, Front Quad

Exploring The Value of Economic Models

  • Jia Choo (2nd year): The applicability of the IS-PC-MR model to the UK economy during the crisis
  • Chen-Yue Lok (2nd year): Abenomics
  • Maryam Khan (3rd year): The value of theoretical models for real market analysis
  • Roberto Cerina (3rd year): Predicting election outcomes

Session chair: Dr Parama Chaudhury


Events Marquee, Front Quad
First Year Challenge Presentations introduced by Dr Parama Chaudhury  

Exploring Economic Policy

  • Victoria Monro (3rd year): Arming women with credit
  • Guido Tubaldi (2nd year): Effects of the appreciation of the Swiss Franc on the Ticinian job market
  • Roberto Cortese (2nd year): Should governments use localised complementary currencies to aid growth and price stability policy?
  • Isaac Lim (3rd year): How can we improve savings among the poor?

Session chair: Dr Cloda Jenkins


Events Marquee, Front Quad

Posters & Multimedia Presentations

  • Minguan Chen (2nd year): Targeting one by targeting all; Targeting all by targeting one?
  • Dong Ju Lee (3rd year): Better value for tax
  • Jia Hui Lee (3rd year): Can the rising tide lift all boats?
  • Mateusz Stalinski (1st year): Why (not) to join Boko Haram?
  • Haoyang Zhao (3rd year): Rural-urban migration in China: A brief overview

Coffee Break

North Cloisters

Deeper exploration through an Undergrad Dissertation

  • Dennis Dinkelmeyer (3rd year): Breaking up Germany: A review of social mobility
  • Emma Claydon (3rd year): The effects of television viewing on income aspirations and happiness
  • James Theuerkauf  (3rd year): Bringing the vanguard to the rearguard - a transformative development model for Brazil's backlands
  • Amy Curry (3rd year): Addressing the exchange rate puzzle: forecasting with a Taylor Rule inspired model

Session chair: Dr Christian Spielmann


Events Marquee, Front Quad

Keynote speaker address

  • John Kay, Economist: Practising Economics
Events Marquee, Front Quad

Reception and prize-giving


North Cloisters

Poster and multimedia presentations in North Cloisters throughout the day.

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