MSc in Economics and MSc in Economic Policy

Modern economics is an increasingly rigorous discipline and advanced degrees are now essential for careers in international institutions, government and industry. A UCL Master’s degree will equip the professional economist with the powerful tools required to understand the rapidly changing, complex and uncertain modern world economy.

The Department of Economics offers two full-time 12-month programmes: an MSc in Economic Policy, which was launched in September 2011, and a redesigned MSc in Economics.

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Why choose UCL?

  • The department has an outstanding international reputation for research excellence. The most recent Research Assessment Exercise (2008), ranked UCL one of the top two Economics departments in the UK.
  • Members of the department direct and hold senior positions in several research centres involved in policy design and evaluation.
  • The MSc in Economic Policy is a new and unique programme, which takes advantage of the department's role as a global leader in policy-oriented research.
  • UCL offers a new research methods course (common to both programmes) that teaches the most important software programmes and how to formulate a research project.
  • Both programmes include a supervised dissertation.

MSc Economics

MSc Economic Policy

Focus: Students will learn the formal tools that are necessary to understand and conduct cutting-edge research in both theoretical and applied economics. The majority of the course-work is in the core subjects of microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. Focus: As compared with the MSc in Economics, the focus of the core subjects is less on mathematical derivations and more on the policy implications of economic models and their applications to real-world examples. Students also take a greater number of applied economics optional courses.
Ideal candidate: Because of the focus on analytical rigour and research methods, the ideal candidate is a professional economist with research-oriented interests or someone interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in economics.   Ideal candidate: A professional economist working in a policy-related field or someone intending to work as a professional economist in policy-related work or to pursue a PhD in applied economics.
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Mathematics and Statistics self-assessment tool


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