ECONG013 - Topics in Labour Economics


The labour market is central to any discussion of the economy.  This course covers several (selected) aspects concerning its operation, teaching a range of traditional and contemporary topics in labour economics.  The aim is to give students an up to date knowledge of labour economics and, for those who wish to undertake graduate research in the area, to encourage the development of independent research interests. 

Course outline:   

I. Core Elements

1.Human Capital

Human Capital Investment; Estimating the Rate of Return to Schooling; Education Quality and Peer Effects.

2. Wages and Changes in the Structure of Wages

Wages and Firm Specific Capital; Wages and Trade Unions; Changes in Wage Inequality.

3.Labour Supply

Static Labour Supply; Intertemporal/Life-Cycle Labour Supply; Household and Family Models.

4. Labour Demand

Models of Labour Demand; Minimum Wages.

II. Topics

5. Labour Market Discrimination

6. Intergenerational Mobility

7. Crime and the Labour Market

Taught by:

Assessment: 2 hours of lectures per week and 4 problem classes with written assignments. The course will be examined by a 2-hour written exam in Term 3.
Suitable for:
Graduate students
Prerequisites: Permission from the Economics Department
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