Jan Stuhler

My work addresses questions in two topic areas: migration and intergenerational mobility.

In my job market paper I show that institutions and policies affect intergenerational mobility over multiple generations, such that observed mobility trends can be caused by events in the more distant past. In particular I find that declining mobility today may reflect past gains rather than a recent deterioration of “equality of opportunity”. In other work I study how income profile heterogeneity generates life-cycle bias in intergenerational mobility estimates (joint with Martin Nybom), and how such intergenerational measures of mobility relate to long-run persistence of economic status within families.

In a second line of research I analyze the effect of migration on labor markets. I exploit a quasi-natural experiment generated by the fall of the iron curtain to assess how a large inflow of migrant affects native workers, and to examine by which mechanisms local labor markets adjust (joint with Christian Dustmann and Uta Schönberg).

  • Labour Economics
  • Applied Economics