Job Market Candidates

In recent years, our PhD students have obtained posts in leading universities and research centres such as University of Arizona, Carlos III University, Edinburgh University, University of Manchester, NYU Stern School of Business, Pompeu Fabra University, Princeton University, Singapore Management University, Sogang University, Stanford University, Stockholm University, UBC, UCLA, University of British Columbia, University of Chicago, University of Essex, University of Mannheim, University of Oxford, University of Rochester, University of Texas at Austin and University of Wisconsin.

They have also done very well in policy institutions, such us the Bank of England, EBRD, IFS, McKinsey, RAND Corporation and the World Bank.

2015-16 Candidates

Marco Alfano

Mario Alloza Frutos

Eleni Aristodemou

Valerio Dotti

Simon Gorlach

Ines Helm

Sandra Polania-Reyes

Eeva Mauring

Myra Mohnen

Bryony Reich

Alireza Sepahsalari

Alexandros Theloudis

Lukas Wenner

2014-15 Candidates

Cathy Balfe

Economists, Bank Of England.
Job Market Paper: "Maternity Leave Duration and Female-Male Relative Labour Market Outcomes"
Supervisors: Richard Blundell and Adam Rosen

Anna Bindler

Post-doc position, University of Gothenberg
Job Market Paper: "Still unemployed, what next? Crime and unemployment duration"
Supervisors: Stephen Machin and Magne Mogstad

Thomas Cornelissen

Lecturer/Assistant Professor, University of York
Job Market Paper: "Peer Effects in the Workplace"

Lucie Gadenne

Assistant Professor , University of Warwick
Job Market Paper: "Non-linear commodity taxation in developing countries: theory and an application to India"

Boris Ginzburg

Assistant Professor, University Carlos III.
Job Market Paper: "Collective Learning with Private Values"
Supervisors: V Bhaskar

Jose-Alberto Guerra

Assistant Professor, Universidad del Rosario
Job Market Paper: "Occupational choice, social interactions and heterogeneous beliefs: A Study of Victorian London"
Supervisors: Syngjoo Choi and Aureo de Paula

Christian Krestel

Job Market Paper: "Optimal Stopping With Regret: When to stop if Nature is malevolent"
Supervisors: Martin Cripps and Nikita Roketskiy

Luigi Minale

Assistant Professor, University Carlos III.
Job Market Paper: "Information and Crime Perceptions: Evidence from a Natural Experiment"
Supervisors: Christian Dustmann, Uta Schoenberg and Pedro Carneiro

Nicolas Motz

Assistant Professor, University Carlos III.
Job Market Paper: "How Political Parties Shape Electoral Competition"
Supervisors: Ian Preston and Guy Laroque

Florian Oswald

Assistant Professor, Sciences Po Paris
Job Market Paper: "Regional Shocks, Migration and Homeownership"
Supervisors: Lars Neshiem and Richard Blundell

Michela Tincani

Assistant Professor, University College London
Job Market Paper: "Heterogeneous Peer Effects and Rank Concerns: Theory and Evidence"

2013-14 Candidates

Alex Armand

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Navarra
Job Market Paper, “Who wears the trousers in the family? Intra-household resource control, subjective expectations and human capital investment”
Supervisors: Pedro Carneiro, Valerie Lechene

Italo Garcia

RAND Corporation
Job Market Paper, “Human capital and informality in developing countries: a life-cycle approach”
Supervisors: Orazio Attanasio, Pedro Carneiro.

Yves Gueron

Assistant Professor, School of Economics, Sogang University, Korea.
Job Market Paper, “Failure of Gradualism under Imperfect Monitoring”
Supervisors: Martin Cripps, V. Bhaskar.

Thibaut Lamadon

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Chicago
Job Market Paper, “Productivity shocks, optimal contracts and Income Dynamics”
Supervisors: Jeremy Lise, Jean-Marc Robin.

Jaime A. Millán Quijano

Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Job Market Paper “Drugs, Guns and Early Motherhood in Colombia”
Supervisors: Orazio Attanasio, Marcos Vera-Hernandez.

Richard Murphy

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University Texas at Austin
Job Market Paper, “Top of the class: the importance of ordinal rank position”
Supervisors: Steve Machin.

Manzur Rashid

Lecturer, School of Management, UCL.
Job Market Paper, “Bertrand competition with costly search”
Supervisors: Martin Cripps, V. Bhaskar.

Anna Raute

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Mannheim
Job Market Paper, “Do financial incentives affect fertility – evidence from a reform in maternity leave benefits”
Supervisors: Christian Dustmann, Uta Schoenberg.

Dan Rogger

Economist, Development Economics Research Group, World Bank
Job Market Paper, “The causes and consequences of political interference in bureaucratic implementation: evidence from Nigeria”
Supervisors: Imran Rasul, Orazio Attanasio.

Jan Stuhler

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, UC3M.
Job Market Paper, “Interpreting trends in intergenerational mobility”
Supervisors: Christian Dustmann, Uta Schoenberg.

Ana Tur-Prats

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, UPF.
Job Market Paper, “Family types and intimate-partner violence: a historical perspective”
Supervisors: Marcos Vera Hernandez.

Andreas Uthemann

Research Officer, Centre for Systemic Risk, London School of Economics.
Job Market Paper: "Delay and pre-emption: efficient liquidation of joint investment projects"
Supervisor: Antonio Guarino.

Placement Officer: Andrew Chesher

Administrative Support: Daniella Harper