CORC is a collaboration between child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) across the UK with the aim of instituting a common model of routine outcome evaluation and analysing the data derived. Over half of all services in England are now members, with members also in Scotland, Wales, Norway and Sweden. There are now over 70 collaborating services within the consortium.

CORC central team

Director of Service Improvement and Evaluation: Miranda Wolpert
Head of CORC: Matt Barnard
Research Lead: Jenna Jacob
Practice Lead: Kate Dalzell
Informatics Lead: Benjamin Ritchie
Researcher: Elisa Napoleone
Researcher: Victoria Zamperoni
Research Assistant: Lily Levy
CORC for Schools Project Manager: Emma Morgan
Informatics Officer (Database Officer): Claudia Kanow
Regional Officer (Yorkshire and the North East): Sally Marriott
Regional Officer (London and the South): Craig Hamilton
Regional Officer (North West): Alison Ford
Statistician: Amy Macdougall
Statistician: Andy Whale
Administration Officer: Danielle Antha
Communications and Influencing Manager: Jenny Bloxham
Website and Communications Officer: Rebecca Neale

Slavi Savić works for CORC as design lead. 

CORC board and committee

Miranda Wolpert (Chair)
Ashley Wyatt (Vice-chair)
Mick Atkinson
Julie Elliott
Duncan Law
Alan Ovenden
Ann York
Kate Martin

History of CORC

CORC started in 2002 as a joint initiative between five founding services (Bedfordshire & Luton; Leeds; Enfield, Barnet & Haringey; Tavistock & Portman; and Hertfordshire), and was from the outset a collaboration between front-line clinicians, managers and administrative leads in member services. With support from the National CAMHS Support Service (NCSS) and facilitation from the National Institute of Mental Health England (NIMHE), CORC opened to wider membership in April 2004.
CORC expanded to include the regional team in 2014 and moved head office to King's Cross.

For more information please visit the CORC website.