Clinical Experience MPhil/PhD

A full-time, four year research programme. 


A research project spanning four years, including the equivalent of no more than one year of clinical experience as part of the clinical team at Eastman Dental Hospital.

The student will be expected to undertake a research project under the supervision of two members of the Institute's academic staff, at least one of whom must be a clinical academic.  The nature of the project should be related to a clinical discipline and agreed upon at the time of application.

The research project must be discussed and arranged with the Graduate Tutor.  A range of projects suitable for study are available.

Entry requirements

Applicants must meet UCL’s general entry requirements for MPhil/PhD as well as satisfy UCLH NHS Foundation Trust requirements for engagement in clinical practice. Entry is extremely competitive and places will only be offered to exceptional candidates. In addition to choosing a research project, applicants must decide on the clinical discipline within which they wish to gain experience.

As with all UCL PhD programmes, the student will initially enrol for an MPhil. After 9-15 months of research, the student will be expected undertake an upgrade procedure to transfer from MPhil to PhD.

Tuition Fees

The latest tuition fee information can be found on the UCL website at:

In addition to the tuition fee, a bench fee will also be charged to support the research activities required for the programme. This bench fee will be set at £10,000 per annum for all projects. Higher fees may apply according to the needs of the project.

Funding and scholarships

Some projects offered for PhD are already funded and studentships will be advertised both on the main Research page and on the UCL jobs website.

UCL also offers a number of scholarships each year, including Graduate Research Scholarships and Overseas Research Scholarships, which cover all or part of the graduate student fees.  Details of these scholarships and useful links to other sources of funding can be found on the UCL scholarships and funding webpages.

Career prospects

Students benefit from a high level of clinical support as well as research expertise in a competitive research department at UCL.  This combination of clinical skills with research endeavours is essential for any clinical applicant aiming for a career in dentistry at a consultant level or above.


Due to the reputation of UCL Eastman Dental Institute, graduates are sought after in the field of dentistry worldwide.  The specialist nature of the clinical services provided at Eastman Dental Hospital means that students are appropriately inducted and supervised by senior staff in order to deliver the required level of treatment.

Networking opportunities

Students are encouraged to attend and contribute to conferences in the UK and internationally. Each year, the Institute allocates a sum of money for the purpose of supporting those who wish to travel to a conference or comparable event, either in the UK or overseas, in order to present a paper or poster based on their work. The Institute also hosts a variety of speakers throughout the year and all our students are encouraged to attend these talks and network with their peers.


Graduate Tutor / Registry Office


Tel: +44 (0)20 3456 1092