Eastman Dental Institute


Current PhD projects

There is a variety of research activity taking place at the Institute. Below is a list of research areas, each with details of project titles within that area suitable for study at MPhil/PhD level.

To discuss any potential MPhil/PhD further, please do not contact potential supervisors directly.  All enquiries should be directed to the Research Student Administrator

Antibiotic resistance
Bacterial virulence
Biomaterials and composites for matrix tissue engineering
Caries Microbiology
Development of novel antimicrobial therapies
Endodontal microbiology
Implant surface effects on human cells
Injectable, antibacterial, remineralising materials for tooth and bone repair
Mucosal immunity
Nanoscale properties of collagen in health, ageing and disease
Oral medicine
Oral health and performance
Paediatric Dentistry
Periodontal Microbiology
Photodynamic therapy and photochemical internalisation
Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Understanding tooth behaviour in health, ageing and disease
Novel diagnostics for oral tissue defects and loss