Poster Gallery

UCL Eastman Dental Institute staff and students are regularly involved in poster exhibitions at conferences and events across the world.  This page will be regularly updated with examples which offer a glimpse into the Institute's ongoing research activities.

Developing A New Method To Measure Single Cell Adhesion Forces On Biomaterials Surfaces Using AFMDeveloping A New Method To Measure Single Cell Adhesion Forces On Biomaterials Surfaces Using AFMAccuracy of Linear Measurements Derived From Cone-Beam Computed Tomography ScansThe effect of Parylene coating on the surface roughness of PMMA after brushingSpecialist Prosthodontists and Surgical Implant PlacementThree-dimensional measurements of tooth wear comparing abrasive and low-abrasive fluoride preparations on human enamel.The effect of Parylene-C coating on the surface free energy, water sorption, solubility and staining of PMMA.In-Vitro Comparison Of Loads To Fracture Monolithic Zirconia Anatomical Contour Crown Restorations With Variations Of Marginal ThicknessThe effect of information provision on anxiety in adolescent orthodontic patients: a randomised controlled trialA Study of the Physical Properties of Dentinogenesis ImperfectaDentinal collagen ultrastructure in Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Dentinogenesis ImperfectaA prospective study assessing the oral health-related quality of life of patients seen at the Endodontic Unit, Eastman Dental Hospital and the impact of subsequent treatmentsA preliminary laboratory study to explore the effect of NaOCl/EDTA/NaOCl regimen on dentine surfaces contaminated in different sequences by E. faecalis, collagen, dentine debris and root filling materialValidation of an ex vivo model comparing apical extrusion of root canal irrigant in teeth with and without simulated periapical lesions using the Salzgeber & Brilliant (1977) protocolAn ex vivo study of the association between selected canal anatomy parameters and the impedance characteristics of root apicesIrrigation efficacy of the Vibringe system determined using the stained collagen film modelDevelopment of a reproducible in-vitro gingivitis modelDecontamination strategies of titanium surfaces using an in vitro model of peri-implantitisNovel Interventions for the Treatment of Peri-implantitis MicrocosmCompliance of Orthognathic Records With The BOS/BAOMS Minimum DatasetA Prospective Audit Of Compliance With Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Characterisation of the prophage of Clostridium difficile NCTC12727An Investigation Of The Undergraduate Training Of Newly Qualified UK DentistsBackground And Undergraduate Training Of Overseas Qualified Dentists Undertaking The Overseas Registration Examination In The UKThe Introduction Of Reflective Learning Into A Postgraduate Dental ProgrammeLong-term Behaviour of Bisphosphonate-associated Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (BONJ)Collagen properties in ageingCharacterisation of ceramic - filled fibrous polylactide membranes for cell engineering applicationsTitanium phosphate glass microspheres as microcarriers for bone cell scale-up and differentiationShiitake mushroom extracts disrupt Streptococcus mutans and Actinomyces naeslundii biofilmsA Comparative Study Of The Bacterial Contamination Of Dental ImpressionsReproduction of the maxillary occlusal plane angle in orthognathic surgery planningThe Dilemma of Hawley vs Vacuum Retainers; A Microbiology StudyTitanium phosphate glass microspheres as microcarriers for bone cell scale-up and differentiationComparisons of manual-dynamic irrigation protocols using collagen removal and apical extrusion as outcome measures – An ex vivo studyIn vitro evaluation of the effect of PMA on the quantification of Enterococcus faecalis cells using culture and qPCR techniquesThe utility of FISH to determine the prevalence and distribution of intraradicular bacteria and Streptococcus species in teeth associated with various pulpal and periapical conditionsPreliminary investigation of oral lactobacilli as potential probiotics for root canal treatmentThe disruption effect of DNase I on single-species E. faecalis biofilmsEx-vivo Raman spectroscopy investigation of the depth of collagen change in dentine following sodium hypochlorite irrigation of root canalsValidity of two generic oral health-related quality of life instruments for measuring patient reported outcome for endodontic treatmentsEffect of heated sodium hypochlorite on mechanical properties of dentine evaluated using Dynamic Mechanical AnalysisResearch experience, stress, and personal perception of skills development forlifelong learning as a result of carrying out research projects at masters level in Endodontology at the Eastman Dental Institute: A retrospective studyThe Engineering of Cell-Based Bone-Tendon-Muscle Constructs for Management of Craniofacial DeformitiesEvaluation of post-orthodontic space creation for lateral incisorsEvaluation Of A Postgraduate Course In EndodonticsVocational Dental Practitioners Views And Perceptions Of E-Learning In Dental EducationIn vitro 3D tissue modelling: insights into ameloblastoma pathogenesisANTIRESDEV— The effects of antibiotic administration on the emergence and persistence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in humans and on the composition of the indigenous microbiotas at various body sitesInvestigation into the transcriptional regulation of Tn916A survey of Tn916 family transposons in oral Streptococcus spp. shows that these elements contain a range of different antibiotic and antiseptic resistance genesMild Heat Shock Stimulates Differentiation and Mineralisation in Primary Rat OsteoblastsPerception of a One Year Postgraduate Course in Restorative DentistryEvaluation of a Postgraduate Course in Dental Sedation