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Microbial Diseases


Research in the department is focused upon investigating the indigenous microbiota of the mouth and beyond, and its role in health and disease — examining the aetiology, pathogenesis and control of diseases caused by micro-organisms from the mouth and other body sites as well as the ecology of the indigenous microbiota and its contribution to health.

The activities of the department are one of the prime drivers of bacteriologically based research within UCL and are applicable both to and beyond the oral, craniofacial complex.  Significant contributions to the scientific community have been made by the department, as respected research leaders, advancing knowledge by publication of reviews and research findings in high-impact journals.

Success In Application

The department has generated and commercialised intellectual property in the form of eight recent patent applications and two patent licensing agreements.  An example of the departments strong success in translation to clinical use is Periowave™ — launched in Canada  and now used by 10% of periodontitists in that country.

Future Possibilities

Our current research includes, but is not limited to, analysis of antibiotic resistance, bacterial ecology, development of novel anti-microbial therapies, understanding the role of bacterial biofilms in disease, bacterial genetics and bacterial virulence.

Recent Papers

Staff and Contact

Department Head: Dr Sean Nair
UCL Eastman Dental Institute
256 Gray's Inn Road
London WC1X 8LD
Tel. +44 (0)20 3456 1118
Fax. +44 (0)20 3456 1127

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