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Within Clinical Research:

International Centre for Evidence-Based Oral Health (ICEBOH)

Research synthesis to improve healthcare

Welcome to ICEBOH

Director of ICEBOH

Ian Needleman


Professor of Restorative Dentistry
and Evidence-Based Healthcare

Honorary Consultant and
Specialist in Periodontology

Unit of Periodontology
UCL Eastman Dental Institute
256 Gray's Inn Road
United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 (0) 20 3456 2340
Fax: +44 (0) 20 3456 1137

ICEBOH is a research-based unit developing best evidence for prevention, diagnosis and treatment in oral healthcare. We use these findings to develop clinical research to address key questions in order to strengthen the evidence-base. ICEBOH is part of the department of Clinical Research, UCL Eastman Dental Institute.

ICEBOH is a leading authority internationally in conducting systematic reviews in dentistry. This position has been gained by our focus on scientifically rigorous methods and by developing key collaborations between clinical experts and methodologists. We design our reviews to answer important questions in healthcare, questions that are relevant to patients, clinicians and policy makers.


Our research focuses on:
•    High quality systematic reviews in periodontology and oral health care.
•    Developing the research methodology of such reviews


The Centre provides generic training in conducting systematic reviews in oral health care. Our participants include policy makers, clinicians, researchers and industry. We are the only regular providers of systematic review training for oral healthcare in the world.


Contact for details of the next course being held at UCL Eastman Dental Institute


We provide consulting services for research synthesis and best evidence for stakeholders in oral health care.


We are delighted to discuss collaborative research projects with Universities, research groups and other organisations internationally. Current collaborations include UK, China, USA, Asia and Europe.

Research publications

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