Information For Investigators

Collecting Samples

Patients who decide to donate redundant tissue will be asked to sign a consent form. You will then be able to store this redundant tissue in the Biobank.  Donated tissue belongs to the Biobank, NOT the investigator collecting the tissue.

I have collected some donated tissue – what do I do now?

The donated tissue needs to be recorded on our database and then it can be stored appropriately. We will need a copy of the consent form and some basic information related to the donation – patient date of birth, type of tissue, reason for removal and any other information that might be relevant. Remember – donated tissue is anonymised once it is added to the Biobank.

If you cannot supply a copy of the consent form, the Biobank CANNOT accept this tissue.

Donated tissue should be given to the Biobank coordinator, Paul Ashley.

Withdrawing samples

Investigators wishing to use Biobank tissue samples need to apply to the Biobank ethical review committee with applications typically taking 2-3 weeks from start to completion. Applicants will need to submit a form and a protocol.