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The department carries out research to develop materials for hard and soft tissue reconstruction, but also with a need to understand the processes involved with cellular interaction with the materials surface. We also have a very broad range of analytical techniques and expertise at our disposal.

We collaborate with a wide range of other academic and commercial groups both within UCL, nationally and also internationally, including Germany, Australia, Finland, Switzerland, Brazil and South Korea.


PhD Opportunity to Develop 3D Printing for Custom-fit Maxillofacial Implants
An exciting opportunity to carry out research into materials suitable for 3D printing for custom fit implants has arisen.
The three year project, funded by the Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust (RAFT) in conjunction with the Institute for Materials Discovery, aims to utilise materials developed at UCL Eastman and optimise them for 3D printing to allow custom fit hard-tissue implants to be printed on demand. Find out more>>

Success In Application

The research we have carried out in the past has allowed us to gain significant insight into the structure-property relationships as well as surface properties and how they control cellular interactions, in both degradable (organic and inorganic) and also non-degradable systems (e.g. titanium). This work has led to a number of commercial developments within the EU.

Future Possibilities

Our current work includes but is not limited to the utilisation of imaging methods to understand materials such as collagen and also cell function. This work will allow us to gain greater control of the surfaces and thus promote more rapid healing in the biological environment.

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