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UCL Eastman Dental Institute
seeks to improve and make a positive impact upon oral and systemic health through innovative and high-quality research.  The Institute has a global reputation in its three key areas of interest – Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Clinical Research, and Microbial Diseases.

Postgraduate research degrees

Research Degree Full Time Part Time
MPhil/PhD 3 years 5 years
Clinical Experience MPhil/PhD 4 years n/a
Paediatric Dentistry DDent 3 years n/a
A range of projects suitable for study as a PhD programme are available.

Research departments

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

About the department of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

BTE facilities

Clinical Research

About the department of Clinical Research

Eastman Clinical Investigation Centre


International Centre for Evidence-Based Oral Health

UCL Eastman Biobank

Microbial Diseases

About the department of Microbial Diseases

Tn registry

Recent publications

Georgiou M, Golding J P, Loughlin A J, Kingham P J, Phillips J B
Engineered neural tissue with aligned, differentiated adipose-derived stem cells promotes peripheral nerve regeneration across a critical sized defect in rat sciatic nerve
Biomaterials. 37: 242-251.

More information

Poster gallery

Poster gallery

A selection of research posters, created by staff and students, that have been exhibited at conferences internationally.

Research seminars

Lunchtime seminars

During term-time, the Institute hosts a series of weekly lunchtime lectures, with guest speakers from around the world as well as the Institute's own PhD students speaking on a variety of topics.

Research excellence

In addition to receiving successive high rankings in UK Government research assessments, the Institute is:

  • One of only three dental schools in the UK to be part of an Academic Health Science Centre.
  • One of only two to have an oral health theme funded by the Department of Health through a Comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre.


Staff have sustained research income from the major research councils (incl. EPSRC, MRC, NIHR,) charities (incl. Wellcome, ARUK and BHF) and industry.

Knowledge transfer

The Institute's staff  academics actively engage with external organisations and use their expertise and knowledge to benefit businesses and the community.

The Institute's research findings have influenced the development of government policy and health care guidelines.

Patents resulting from the Institute's research have been commercially utilised by a number of companies, including:

  • Integration Diagnostics
  • MedMat Innovation
  • Ondine Biomedical Inc
  • Ozics AG

Public patient involvement

Patients and the public are actively involved in our clinically relevant research, via:

  • A funded Public Patient Involvement Scheme.
  • Focus groups allied to relevant studies.
  • Close advisory ties to patient-led organisations in the UK.


The Institute's work has been published in Nature, Nature Nanotechnology, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences as well as all the top specialist journals allied to oral health and related subjects.

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