Types of programmes

The Institute offers a range of degree programmes.  For full details you should please consult the specific programme pages.  The below is intended only to provide a brief explanation of the different types of programmes available.

Part-time degree programmes

PG Cert / PG Dip / Paediatric Dentistry MSc / Restorative Dental Practice MSc

  • These programmes are designed with a limited number of contact days per year, to allow students’ to study for a postgraduate degree whilst maintaining work commitments.
  • Contact days are predominantly held at the Institute’s CPD facilities at 123 Gray’s Inn Road.
  • Students can choose to exit the Paediatric Dentistry and Restorative Dental Practice MSc programmes at earlier intervals to qualify for either a PG Cert or PG Dip.
  • Application deadlines are usually in or around spring of the year of entry, with programmes commencing in September/October.(Restorative Dental Practice MSc is an exception, with an application deadline usually in October, for a programme starting the following January.)

Full-time degree programmes

MSc / MClinDent / DDent

  • Whilst some have part-time options, these programmes generally require a full-time study commitment in central London.
  • The programmes are predominantly held at the Institute’s main facilities at Eastman Dental Hospital, 256 Gray’s Inn Road.
  • Application deadlines are usually in January of the year of entry, with programmes commencing in September.

Specialty Training

Endodontology / Orthodontics / Prosthodontics / Periodontology
  • For UK/EU students only, in some cases in addition to and in some cases as a part of the respective MClinDent programmes, the Institute offers training to prepare students to sit the registration examinations for the relevant UK specialty lists.
  • The structure, the content and the method of application for these programmes is specific to each specialty.

Advanced Training

Endodontology / Oral Surgery / Orthodontics / Prosthodontics
  • For Overseas (non-EU) students, these MClinDent programmes are designed to provide the same level of training as the Specialty Training programmes.

For information on PhDs and CPD short courses, see the Research and CPD pages respectively.
For a full list of degree programmes, see the Education pages.