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Dr Perminder Badhan

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Marjorie Kelly


Tel: +44 (0)20 7905 1234

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Early bird: book a course 8 weeks in advance of the start date and receive 5% discount.

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ORE Part 2: OSCE

A one day revision course designed to prepare participants for the ORE Part 2 OSCE examination. Participants will gain experience of skills-based OSCEs, communication OSCEs, practical and written OSCEs.  A session under examination conditions will be offered and feedback will be provided to the participants.

What will I learn?

The course is designed to enable ORE candidates to prepare for the OSCE component of the Part 2 examination by providing training on effective communication, imparting information and obtaining consent. It will also provide hands on practical sessions for the clinical skills stations. It aims to increase confidence and provide essential techniques to successfully pass ORE Part 2.

Why should I study this course at the Institute?

The course is tailored to accommodate the needs of each individual candidate. As OSCEs are limited by time, the course will enable candidates to develop an understanding and ability for effective communication, reasoning and using analytical skills to perform a given task. The course is conducted by staff who have passed the ORE, LDS and MJDF examinations and thereby have a thorough understanding of the requirements.

Availability: One full day.

Verifiable CPD: 6.5 hours.

Core content

  • Introduction to OSCEs: what to expect in the examination
  • Communication-based OSCEs: imparting and collecting information
  • Skill-based OSCEs: demonstration and practice sessions
  • Mock examination
  • Discussion and individual feed back

Teaching and learning

The course is delivered through lecture, discussion and exam practice.

Feedback will be provided at the end of the clinical skills practice sessions and the mock examination. Areas of importance will be highlighted and advice given to overcome any identified areas of weakness.

Hand outs will be provided. Candidates are encouraged to discuss any concerns they have about the OSCE examination and guidance will be provided on an individual basis, time permitting.

Entry requirements

Applicants should have already passed the ORE Part 1 examination.

How to apply

Applications are accepted by post or fax.  Please follow the application guidelines.

Applications are accepted until the start date depending on availability. This course operates on a first come first serve basis.

Who can apply?

The course is a part of the Institute's series of ORE revision courses and is suitable for applicants preparing for ORE Part 2 or LDS examinations.