ORE Part 2: Dental Manikin


A three day course that prepares students for the Dental Manikin element of ORE Part 2.  Each day includes demonstrations and the opportunity for students to practice each element themselves.


Three consecutive days.

19.5 hours verifiable CPD.

Each day will run approximately 9:30am - 5pm.

Course dates

21-23 November 2016

Aims and objectives

The course aims to prepare participants for the ORE Part 2 Dental Manikin examination.  It delivers an overview of constituent elements of the examination, with demonstrations from experienced staff and provides the opportunity for participants to undertake the tasks themselves and receive direct guidance.

Anticipated outcomes

After attending this course, participants should have an improved understanding of the standards required on all of the Dental Manikin exercises in order to succeed in this component of the ORE Part 2 examination. 

Quality controls

All teachers on the Institute's courses are experienced professionals. All participants are asked to submit written feedback via a questionnaire at the end of the course, which is used to monitor the course's quality of teaching and value for money.

Teaching and assessment

The course is delivered by a series of short demonstrations followed by the opportunity for students to hone their skills in the laboratory.

Please note that one molar and one central incisor Frasaco endodontic teeth are provided per participant.


Day 1: Plastics

  • Cavities: Class I, Class I occluso-palatal upper posterior teeth
  • Amalgam exercise: Class II upper posterior tooth
  • Composite exercise: Class III in an upper anterior tooth
  • Composite exercise: Class IV in an upper anterior tooth, Class V buccal or palatal in an upper tooth
  • Cusp build-up upper posterior tooth
  • Rubber dam exercise: isolation of anterior teeth ready for a composite restoration

Day 2: Crowns and Veneers

  • Full gold crown preparation on a posterior tooth
  • Metal ceramic crown preparation on an anterior tooth
  • Ceramic labial veneer preparation on an upper anterior tooth
  • Temporary crown fabrication on a prepared tooth
  • Impression on a prepared tooth
  • Rest seat preparation

Day 3: Endodontics

  • Lecture on the rationale of root canal treatment
  • Root canal instrumentation and obturation of a single rooted central incisor


All participants


Entry requirements

Applicants should have already sat, or have booked to sit, the ORE Part 1 examination.

How to book

Prospective participants should book online through UCL's Online Store. Before doing so, please ensure you have reviewed the above information. Full payment is required up front to reserve a place. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Book now

To book please visit the online store and select the correct date from the top right hand corner.

What happens next

Once you have completed your purchase through the Online Store, you will receive an email confirming your booking. The Course Administrator will send you a further email confirming arrival time and location.


Kate Marr
Course Administrator


+44 (0)20 7905 1234