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Course dates

The course takes place over four days and is available:

18 June 2014
& 25 June 2014
& 1 July 2014
& 23 July 2014

Course Leaders

Mr Pareet Shah

Contact details

Richard Banks


Tel: +44 (0)20 7905 1281

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Implant Dentistry: Fundamentals of Occlusion

A four day course that aims to give participants an overview of occlusion and its clinical application to implant and restorative dentistry.

What will I learn?

The course aims to provide a better understanding of occlusion and the use of articulators.  It will develop participants' clinical skills to construct, fit and adjust a Michigan type occlusal splint.

Why should I study this course at the Institute?

The course is led and taught by experienced specialist prosthodontists who have been providing advanced restorative and implant treatment in practice for many years. The friendly and approachable team are well versed in training dentists in the field of occlusion and are able to demystify this often poorly understood area of dentistry.

State-of-the-art audiovisual and skills lab facilities are able to fully support and enhance participants' training. The course offers clinical hand-on treatment to help develop clinical skills.

Availability: Four day course

Verifiable CPD: 28 hours

Core content

  • Fundamentals, role and significance of occlusion in restorative and implant dentistry
  • Review of terms used to describe static and dynamic occlusion
  • Management of occlusion in the natural, restored and implant supported dentition
  • When to conform and when to reorganise
  • Learn a structured and systematic technique for the chairside analysis of the occlusion
  • Clinical hands on to be able to obtain accurate alginate impressions and study casts
  • When to use an articulator and how to select appropriate articulator for various clinical scenarios
  • Learn how to use a facebow, construct a lucia jig and obtain accurate inter-occlusal records supported by clinical hands on
  • How to mount casts precisely on an articulator
  • Tooth wear, parafunction and the role of occlusal splints
  • Waxing and fabrication of occlusal splints in skills lab
  • Clinical hands on delivery of finished occlusal splints and correct adjustment

Teaching and learning

The course is taught via a combination of interactive seminars, videos of clinical steps, clinical demonstrations, clinical hands-on and skills lab exercises.

All hands-on exercises are carried out under close supervision.

Entry requirements

Applicants must hold an approved dental qualification.

How to apply

Applications are accepted by post or fax.  Please follow the application guidelines.

Applications are accepted until the start date depending on availability. This course operates on a first come first served basis.

Who can apply?

The course is aimed at clinicians who would like to develop their understanding and skills in occlusion to improve the standard of clinical care they can offer patients.  Any clinician who wishes to offer advanced restorative and implant treatment can benefit from this comprehensive course.