The Institute visits Torino for the International College of Prosthodontics meeting

15 October 2013

UCL Eastman Dental Institute’s unit of Prosthodontics had a significant presence during the 15th Biennial Meeting of the International College of Prosthodontists (ICP) which took place in Turin, Italy, 18-21 September 2013.

  • Mr Mahul Patel (presenter), Miss Mariana Santos (presenter), Miss Anthimi Thianou, Miss Ola Redha (presenter), Mr Assif Hamid, Dr Jose Rodriguez (presenter), Mr Ed Hems (presenter), Miss Amira Al-Ahmar (presenter), Dr Lambis Petridis, Mr Siavash Mashoof.
  • Miss Amira Al-Ahmar
  • Miss Ola Redha, Dr Lambis Petridis
  • Miss Mariana Santos, Dr Lambis Petridis

The Meeting is an international conference that attracts academics and clinicians from all continents.  With six research posters, the unit of Prosthodontics was amongst the departments with the most presentations at the meeting, showcasing the collaborative research work that takes place within the field at the Institute.

A total of 10 people participated in the meeting on behalf of the unit and all the presentations were well received with positive feedback.  The group was facilitated and organized by Dr Lambis Petridis, Senior Lecturer in Prosthodontics and a Constituent Member of the ICP.

View the posters in the poster gallery:

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