UCL Postgraduate Researchers Summer Event

7 October 2013

Research staff and students in Regent's Park

On 29 August, research students, supervisors and support staff alike were invited to step away from their lab benches and take to the park.

The Summer Event has now become a tradition at UCL Eastman Dental Institute.  This year, 30 staff and students from the departments of Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering, Clinical Research and Microbial Diseases came together to enjoy the Great British Summer.

Laurent Bozec, Lecturer and Graduate Tutor: "We gathered in Regent's Park to embrace the great weather and enjoy the company of our colleagues from across the different Research departments of the Institute.

"It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other better, network, as well as have a nice, relaxing chat followed by a few fun games."

Thanks go to Student Academic Representatives (StARs) Joanna Wiecek and Vanessa Sousa Moreno, with the help of Lucia Melita Nohr, for organising the event.

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