Dental Implant Study

8 April 2013

The UCL Eastman Dental Institute under the supervision of Professor Nikos Donos, is recruiting volunteers for a research study that will evaluate the effect of a locally delivered antibiotic around diseased dental implant(s).

Volunteers of 21 years of age or older, with overall good medical and dental health, and with at least one dental implant diagnosed with peri-implantitis may be eligible to participate in this study.
The study consists of a total of four (4) visits over a 6 month period; volunteers will receive £10 per visit compensation toward their travel costs
Study treatment will be rendered at no cost to volunteers.

If you are interested in participating in this study and you would like to learn more, please contact
Dr Nikos Tatarakis via phone at 020 3456 1276
Banbai Hirani via phone at 020 3456 2334

Thank you in advance for your interest and participation!