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The strategy for managing and developing the library's collection is outlined in the Library's Collection Management Policy.


The library holds approx. 3,000 books all of which are catalogued on the online catalogue. If you need assistance finding books, please ask staff. For regulations and instructions on borrowing, renewing and reserving, including information on how to renew your books online, please see

Electronic Books

The library subscribes to a selection of dental electronic books which are available to all UCL staff and students, and to staff of the Eastman Dental Hospital and other UCLH Trust hospitals. To access the ebooks, please click on one of the links below:

The books can be searched or you can browse the content via the Titles tab.



The library subscribes to approx. 70 periodicals in print format. A much wider range of periodicals is available to staff and students of the Eastman Dental Institute through the combined electronic periodical holdings of the Eastman Library and UCL Library Services.

NHS staff and visitors can now access many of UCL's electronic journals via two dedicated terminals in the library. Please ask library staff to register you for these.

  • For list of all UCL electronic periodicals or to search for a journal click Access UCL's ejournals service »
  • To get a list of dentistry periodicals click the Subject tab then select Health Sciences in the Category box, Dentistry in the SubCategory box and click Go. If you cannot see the periodical you want in this list search for it alphabetically as sometimes they are indexed separately.

NHS staff and students can access a range of NHS licensed electronic periodicals using their NHS Athens account.

The print periodicals collection is currently being catalogued on the library's online catalogue.

For help with resolving journal abbreviations, use the NLM (PubMed) website or ask library staff.


Searching for Articles in Periodicals: PubMed and Ovid Medline

PubMed and Ovid Medline are available to staff and students of UCL via the UCL Library Services Online databases web page.  If you access these databases via UCL Library Services you will automatically get links to the full text of those articles that are subscribed to by UCL. Please note that if no link appears, or there is no ‘full text’ heading in the SFX box, then this usually means the journal is not available electronically. However, you can check if a journal is available electronically and for which years by going to the Electronic journals web page and searching there.


Searching for Articles by Eastman Researchers

Bibliographic records of publications by UCL researchers can be found on the UCL Discovery database.  To search for publications by UCL Eastman Dental Institute researches go to Browse by: and click on Department then select UCL School of Life & Medical Sciences > Faculty of Medical Science > Eastman Dental Institute.


Literature not held by the library

There are several ways to obtain literature which the library itself does not stock:

Staff and Students of the Eastman Dental Institute should first use UCL's Library Services. If UCL does not hold what you require you may consult (for reference only) most other libraries of the 'M25 Consortium' of academic libraries in London which UCL staff and students will normally be able to use for reference (don't forget to bring your UCL ID card). Of particular value is the Union List of Serials provided by the M25 Consortium. For research academics and postgraduate students also enjoy access to the British Library. If neither the joint catalogue of the M25 Consortium, nor the British Library hold what you are looking for, try COPAC, a joint catalogue of the major academic libraries in the UK.

Items not available at the Eastman library can also be requested through the Inter Library Loan service (go to then click on the Inter-Library Loan button). Periodical articles or chapters of books will normally be supplied within a week as photocopies for you to keep.  Books can also be ordered. There is a charge of £3 for each item ordered (loan periods for books and journal volumes vary depending on the supplying library).  Copyright regulations only allow one article from the same journal issue, one chapter from a book or 5% of the whole book, whichever is the greater, to be copied.

CPD students can also request articles and book chapters, but not whole books. Please see the Inter-library Loan Guide for CPD Students.

Members of the Eastman Library can make suggestions for books to be purchased by filling in the form at or using the paper form in the library.



Staff and students of the Eastman Dental Institute have access to a range of databases which are licensed to UCL Library Services.

NHS staff and students can access a number of NHS licensed databases using their NHS Athens account.


Internet Portals for Dentistry

The most popular portals to Web based resources in Dentistry are:


Health Information Resources

NHS Evidence Health Information Resources aim to deliver healthcare relevant information to NHS staff, students and patients. While part of the information provided is accessible to the general public there are also databases and e-journals to which only NHS staff and students have access via an Athens account.



Intute is a free online service providing access to web resources for education and research, evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists in the U.K.  The intute catalogue allows for keyword searching or browsing and allows you to search by MeSH (Medical Subject Headings). Unfortunately, it has lost its funding from NICE so from July 2011 is no longer being maintained or updated and will not be available from July 2014.


Information Literacy

For some guidance on retrieval, evaluation and use of information try UCL's WISE guide for Biomedical and Life Sciences. Just log in with your UCL username and password!


Some advice on buying books

3. The library tries to provide the widest possible range of books and journals for research and teaching. If we do not have a book you need, you can suggest it for purchase, but if we decide not to purchase it then here is some advice on buying copies for yourself.

If you wish to order a book through a local bookshop, ask about the expected delivery time. Bookshops can obtain many titles for you overnight from a wholesaler, but may prefer to order directly from the publisher. This will give them a larger profit margin, but will take several weeks or even months.

If you order books via the Internet, you could start your search using a price comparison tool such as or These sites allow you to search several dozen on-line booksellers' databases simultaneously and can rank results by price. 'Addall' will even factor the postage cost in.

Both price comparison sites will also find second-hand items for sale through larger online booksellers. There are also some dedicated tools for finding out-of-print books. is a joint database for 13,000 booksellers; will compare prices of second-hand-books databases, including Abebooks.


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