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Departments, Units and Academic Staff

UCL Eastman Dental Institute has an academic staff composed of oral health care specialists, many of whom are international clinical leaders.  They are listed below, by department and unit, with links to their UCL IRIS profile page. You will also find links to the department and unit pages.

Each staff member's IRIS profile will contain their contact details, alongside a summary of their work and history, and links to their publications.  The IRIS site also has a full list of Institute staff alphabetically by surname.

UCL Eastman Dental Institute

Director Professor Stephen Porter

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Manager Dr Steven Heggie +44 (0)20 3456 1024

The Institute is organised as follows:







Director (Operations) Professor Stephen Porter
Director (Strategy) Professor Nigel Hunt
Deputy Director (Operations)
Dr Morganna Vianna

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Continuing Professional Development

Department Head Dr Chris Louca
  Mr Ian Alexander
Dr Andrew Croysdill
Dr Dina Dedi
Professor Andrew Eder
Mr Peter Fine
Mr Kenneth Harper
Dr Albert Leung
Dr Alyn Morgan
Mr Dev Patel
Dr Devang Patel
Dr Kavit Shah
Dr Deepa Shah
Mr Pareet Shah
Dr Pranay Sharma
Mr Robert Stone
Mr Ronuk Vasant

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Craniofacial Growth & Development

Department Head Professor Nigel Hunt
Unit Head Professor Nigel Hunt
  Professor Susan Cunningham
Dr Rishma Shah
Miss Fiona Ryan

Find out more about the unit of Orthodontics

Paediatric Dentistry
Unit Head Dr Paul Ashley
  Dr Susan Parekh

Find out more about the unit of Paediatric Dentistry

Maxillofacial Medicine & Surgery

Department Head Professor Stephen Porter
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Unit Head Mr Colin Hopper
  Dr Rachel Leeson
Dr Charlotte Feinmann
Dr Helen Petersen

Find out more about the unit of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral Medicine and Special Care Dentistry
Unit Head Professor Stephen Porter
  Dr Stefano Fedele

Find out more about the unit of Oral Medicine and Special Care Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Department Head Professor Kishor Gulabivala
Unit Head Professor Kishor Gulabivala
  Mr Amre Maglad
Dr Yuan Ng
Dr Morganna Vianna
Mrs Glynis Evans

Find out more about the unit of Endodontics

Unit Head Professor Nikolaos Donos
  Miss Maria Chiara Curra
Dr Francesco D'Aiuto
Mr Nikolaos Gkranias
Dr Natalie Leow
Dr Nikolaos Mardas
Professor Ian Needleman
Dr Luigi Nibali
Dr Marco Orlandi
Ms Jeanie Suvan
Mr Riccardo Zambon

Find out more about the unit of Periodontology

Unit Head Dr Ailbhe McDonald
  Mr Vinit Gohil
Mr Martin Gough
Mr Akil Gulamali
Mr Assad Khan
Mr Keval Patel
Mr Manish Patel
Dr Neel Patel
Dr Lambis Petridis
Mr Jose Rodriguez
Dr Steven Soo
Mr Philip Taylor

Find out more about the unit of Prosthodontics


Director Professor Nikolaos Donos
Deputy Director
Professor Brian Henderson

Find out more about the Institute's research activities

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Department Head Professor Jonathan Knowles
  Dr Laurent Bozec
Dr Peter Brett
Dr Celia Murray-Dunning
Dr James Phillips
Dr Anne Young
Dr Wendy Xia

Find out more about the department of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Clinical Research

Department Head Professor Nikolaos Donos

Find out more about the department of Clinical Research

Microbial Diseases

Department Head Dr Sean Nair
  Dr Elaine Allan
Professor Brian Henderson
Professor Peter Mullany
Dr Adam Roberts
Dr Andrew Smith
Dr Dave Spratt
Professor Michael Wilson

Find out more about the department of Microbial Diseases

Unit Head
Dr Aviva Petrie

Find out more about the unit of Biostatistics

Eastman Clinical Investigation Centre
Team Leader
Professor Nikolaos Donos

Find out more about the ECIC

International Centre for Evidence-Based Oral Health
Professor Ian Needleman

Find out more about the ICEBOH

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