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GEOLGG07 Melting & Volcanism

GEOLGG07 Melting & Volcanism

This MSc provides an introduction to geohazards, research methods and field techniques, together with advanced courses in seismology, volcanology, hydrogeological hazards and meteorology.


To provide an understanding of the origins and emplacement mechanisms of intrusive and extrusive continental magmas, and to recognize textures and mineral assemblages characteristic of specific processes.


Knowledge of: Continental magmatism and volcanism on Earth and terrestrial planets.


Local and regional geochemical patterns and anomalies will be compared with global data to understand the evidence for crustal lithospheric and asthenospheric sources of magma, including plumes, subduction, impact volcanism and fundamental Earth heterogeneities. Advanced techniques in quantitative mineralogy and the interpretation of geochemical, mineralogical and petrological data will be introduced, including radiogenic isotopes, trace-element behaviour and melting, mixing, metasomatic and crystallisation models. Rifting, hotspots, large intrusions, caldera formation and high-volume flood lavas will be contrasted with rare low-volume magmas. Familiarization with the corresponding variations in terrestrial volcanic eruption styles throughout the course will be complemented by practical introduction to volcanic hazard assessment and comparative planetary geology.

Melting & Volcansim

Coordinator Dr Adrian Jones
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Term 2
Credits 15
Written Exam 70%
Coursework 30%
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