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At the graduate-level teaching we offer academic training enhanced by the high level of research activity in the department. The research personnel and facilities that contributed to our excellent RAE outcome are routinely available for MSci and MSc student independent research projects. 


Every year, natural disasters affect one in thirty people on Earth. Whether developing or industrialised, all nations are at risk, and the field of natural hazards is today one of the fastest growing areas of research in the Earth and Climate Sciences

The programme aims to integrate theoretical studies with essential practical skills in the Earth Sciences, both in the field and in the laboratory.

A combination of climate change, increasing urbanization and wealth concentration, and mounting exposure to natural hazards, are progressively ramping up economic and insured losses and imposing growing pressure on insurers and reinsurers to seek ways of limiting exposure.

The MRes and PGC aim to provide the student with a holistic understanding of the nature of risk and disaster reduction, particularly within the contexts of dealing with uncertainty and increasing resilience, are high on local, national and international agendas.

The programme will prepare the future leaders in the management of the natural resources value chain across the globe. The programme is transcontinental – offered by UCL and the University of South Australia. It prepare students for highly skilled, multi-disciplinary managerial roles in the natural resources sector.